P&ID drafting is not for Dummies.  That’s one reason the book “P&IDs—From The Drafter’s Perspective—Guide to Drafting P&IDs” is not part of that series.  Nor is it something a cad monkey should attempt.  Definition of CAD Monkey: A low level cad person who makes edits with no regard for or knowledge of proper production methods or standards.


P&ID drafters are individuals who must care about every line, annotation and symbol on each piping and instrumentation (or process) drawing they produce.  They should understand the need to learn to recognize when something does not look correct and to bring it to the attention of the proper source who can address the issue.


A P&ID drafter is someone who is on their way to becoming a designer – as a high level P&ID specialist, a piping designer, or an instrument designer - through on the job training.  This on the job training consists of constant research and interaction with process engineers, piping designers and instrument designers throughout the progress of each drawing.  P&ID drafters must ask questions when anything is not absolutely clear or when something just doesn’t look right. 


Monkey see, monkey do is just not right for you...the P&ID Drafter.  However there is  a lot of interesting material devoted to the CAD Monkey so in the spirit of spreading a little drafting humor, some links are provided here for your amusement and/or amazement.


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Text Box: P&IDs—From The Drafter’s Perspective
Guide To Drafting Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

What Is A P&ID Drafter?

P&IDs - From The Drafter’s Perspective—Guide for Drafting Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

Disclaimer:  The web has been scoured to provide as much information about P&IDs as possible on this site.  This information comes from many sources and many different countries.  Reviewing it all will increase a person’s knowledge but it is the reader’s responsibility to insure that the information contained herein is verified by proper authorities as valid for use in any intended application.

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